Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tonight's Word - Mardi Gras

God bless the people of New Orleans for exhibiting their strong regenerative spirit in the wake of all of the madness of Katrina.

Colbert Called it...!

I think his outright criticism of the Pope and follow up with the discussion with Libery University was right on...

More to come

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2/22/06 Notes on the Threatdown

The only re-arrangement I think you should have made on tonight's show was that Pops should be ahead of harmin on the threat down. I mean really, how much damage can tissue do? I suspect Pops may be Soylent Green. After all - if its not sugar, and not corn, it must be...something.

But you are right on the no free rides scenario. The band Hurt is a ripoff of Johnny Cash's rip off of Trent Reznor's track Hurt...When are we going to stop with the coattailing and get down to brass tacks and invent our own markets?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Colbert Fan Site

This seems to be the authoritative Colbert Fan Site...It's getting Millions of Hits...

Chips and a Sandwich

From the William Gibson Newsboard

Colbert Chips

During Steven Colbert's show which I've been watching since the start, I often take in a dish of the following. On occassion I do so while looking on the Print Edition of the Wall St. Journal or my ESPN Magazine Subscription. Its a great way to end the night, or start the day...

Colbert Chips
  • Tostitos Lime Chips
  • Newman's Own Salsa
  • Sorrento Taco Cheese Mix - Microwaved Over Salsa
Complementary Drinks
  • Sparkling Raspberry Water
  • Apple Cider
Good Post Chip Items
  • Baklava from Tom's Restauraunt - Amherst, NY
  • Spanakopita From Same